beauty is a welcome guest everywhere. this statement by j. w. von goethe, roughly 200 years ago continues to be true. in our over-

craftsmanship of tuning is celebrated in the best sense of the word.


it goes without saying that kitup automotive also supplies accessories such as high-quality rims, exhaust systems, leather interiors, custom audio, etc. to complete the vehicle and to present it as an overall concept.


the philosophy of our enterprise is to redefine beauty again and again, fascinating and pampering a select circle of customers.

everywhere.johann wolfgang von goethe, 1749-1832beauty is a welcome guestText Box: saturated markets, a clear trend is becoming increasingly apparent: design decides  more than ever.

the small kitup automotive enterprise in coimbatore is the best
address for delicate vehicle modifications.

the creative source is to be found within the company itself, all the energy flows into the development of new aerodynamic kits, into the search for interesting design solutions, into the rapid identification of emerging trends, and of course into the efforts to set the trends.

starting from the prototype, the ultimate product is a marketable kit designed so that it can be put together by the customer
as ergonomically as possible.

from the design vision on the monitor, through the
Development of a prototype up to small-series production, the products